Study Routine for New Words


A sheaf of ten sheets in a plastic sleeve that the student follows for Word Study

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The important step of progress with When The Earth Was Young is that the student becomes increasingly more independent in his study. The Study Routine for the New Words is a more independent manner of study, compared with the CRC. The student now learns to use resource books for himself, to find pertinent information, by following this study outline. Most sheets are Progress and Memory Checklists, and fresh copies of slant sheets and other important instruction sheets from the Creation Reading Course. They may be duplicated as needed by the purchaser. Always preserve a clean copy for a master.

Here is a list of the Study Routine for New Words and its accompanying instruction sheets.

  • Y-1 Study Routine for New Words
  • Y-2 RH Slant Sheet
  • Y-3 LH Slant Sheet
  • Y-4 Word Markings
  • Y-5 Multi-Letter and Spelling Dialog Outlines
  • Y-6 Progress Check Lists for When The Earth Was Young
  • Y-7 Memory Sequence Checklist for Genesis chapters 2 and 3
  • Y-8 Twenty-seven Spelling Rules
  • Y-9 Summary of Phonograms
  • Y-10 Capitalization Rules


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