When The Earth Was Young, Bible Speller Reader Set


This Speller-Reader is a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch green reader, and is comb bound. It continues the Bible story from the creation of this earth through the call of Abram. Included with the green reader, is a box of Word Cards and a set of Instruction sheets. The rules, principles, vocabulary, and skills taught in the CRC will continue to be used, reinforced, and built upon as foundational, while new vocabulary, new stories, and new exercises broaden the student’s horizons. Several Special Instruction sheets, and a box of 1,161 new words are included in the set. When the student completes this reader, they should be fairly fluent in reading, if it has been well studied and taught.

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"When The Earth Was Young", a 232 page, comb bound Speller-Reader. It contains the best selection of our earth's early history. These inspired stories were chosen by God, from among many others occurring during these 2,500 years, as of the highest value for our instruction. This  book, showing the expulsion of our first parents from Eden on the cover, first lays out the peace, beauty, and order of the freshly created world, where our first parents, created by a loving and personal God enjoyed the beauty and utility of all created things, garden work, the companionship and trust of the animals, and best of all the society and instruction of their Creator and of the holy angels. Although warned of the wily foe, Eve succumbed to his flattery through the serpent medium and partook of the forbidden fruit, imagining that it would elevate her to godhood. Then she became a tempter to Adam, and they both fell, losing their garments of light and their access to the tree that would have perpetuated their lives. God blocked their access to the tree of life so that there are no immortal sinners.

In consequence of their disobedience, their natures became perverted and bent to evil. This bent to evil, caused by the fall of Adam and Eve, is made obvious through their descendants. It is the only inheritance they could give us. Sin is so offensive to God that our first parents would have died instantly when they disobeyed, except that the God of love and mercy was prepared for this emergency of disloyalty. He gave His only begotten Son, "slain from the foundation of the world", as man's Substitute to take the death blow which was ours, and give us each opportunity to obtain the life which is His. Only as we reach out in faith to our Savior, and choose to walk in harmony with His perfect law, can any of us receive power to walk securely in this world where the demon power is in the ascendency. Only by a daily miracle of divine power can we, children of sin, be uplifted and "walk in newness of life" (Romans 6:4).The Christian life if not for irresolute weaklings. Each day is a daily battle and march against spiritual wickedness in high places and requires the Sword of the Spirit with all other spiritual armour.

Genesis lays the foundation of why we need a Savior. God pleading with Cain to give his heart to God, and to resist sin, is the call of God to each of us. His rebellion and wicked course, resulting from his refusal to come with God's drawing, eventually called for the worldwide flood to cleanse the earth of its moral pollution. This is a warning to every sinner today. The antediluvians were not of any undeveloped, evolutionary model, but were long-lived, of great physical strength, strong memory, of the highest intelligence, and capable of the most marvelous inventions. But this intelligence could not save them, apart from humble faith in Christ and wholehearted obedience. The Seed of the Woman, promised in Genesis 3:15, was typified by the slain lamb in every sacrifice. It was, He is, this Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The forgiveness of our sins rests in our Savior Jesus, in Whom our hopes of not only life, but eternal life confide. He cleanses the repentant sinner from all unrighteousness by washing us by the Holy Spirit through claiming the promises in His Word, typified by the coats of skins that God made for mankind. It represents us being clothed with Christ's righteousness. What a precious gift!! Only through partaking of the Divine nature, through faith in God's promises, can we find power to overcome the fleshly lusts to sin. Through Christ we can do all things that God requires in His holy law. The very fact that Jesus had to die to save us, proves that God's holy law is the unchangeable standard by which our fitness for heaven is judged. May gratitude arise in every heart for God's Unspeakable Gift!

The fall of man and its consequences is a great pillar of Bible truth. Without this understanding, it is easy to imagine ourselves "good enough" as we are, without the Divine Substitute and Surety. The truth is, apart from Christ, we have no life, no light, no hope, and no goodness. "Without Me ye can do nothing." "There is none good, but One." Jesus is the Light that shines into every man's heart. Our part is to daily surrender our whole being to the control of heavenly agencies to be used in His service and prepare for service above. Faithfulness in the duty that lies nearest is where we are prepared for any future work that God may have for us. "When The Earth Was Young" is to show our children the way of life and warn them of the wages of sin. Besides the science of salvation, many other sciences can be gleaned from this study such as nature identification as when Adam was assigned to name the animals, marriage wisdom, math in connection with the genealogies and building the ark, etc, God's massive control and sustenance of nature, and the blessed results of walking with God, and much more, will be a blessing to every willing and diligent student. The teacher must encourage reading with good expression, and obedience to punctuation to help the student develop good expression and comprehension.

Book One of the Bible-Speller Readers, When The Earth Was Young is accompanied by a box of matching Word Cards, and a set of Special Instruction sheets that provide a spelling routine. The word cards are for quick recognition, syllabication and marking, and may be used for original compositions. Understanding the words well, through personal research, is a major goal at this level. Original composition is to be further developed. The rules, principles, and skills taught in the CRC will continue to be used as foundational and built upon. The vocabulary, stories, and exercises broaden his horizons and are designed to deepen his Christian walk. A Memory Sequence Checklist and a Progress Checklist for WTEWY are included in the Instruction Sheets.


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