Parents and Teachers Tell Their Experiences Using The Creation Reading Course

Teaching in My Second Language
“English is my second language and I had never before taught school in English. As a new homeschool mother, it had been a concern for me to know how to teach my sons. One day I received a phone call from a godly sister and as we were talking she introduced me to this course. I ordered the set and read it a little. Honestly, I could not understand how it would work.

Some time passed and I started using it but I felt I was not doing it correctly. In desperation and frustration, I finally contacted the author directly. How thankful I am that I did! She coached me so lovingly and patiently, that I started seeing how to implement it.

“With much prayer and devotion I invested my time studying the course for myself. Then I taught my son and it started working amazingly! Although it was not ideal that I did not start out right, God was merciful, and we started building step by step as laid out in this course. My son started reading gradually. Then suddenly he was reading everything!! In a few short weeks, I would say, he was reading everything around him, and had no problem reading the Great Controversy which we were using in our family worship. I am also very grateful for the spiritual emphasis that’s laid out all through the course from the KJV Bible and the SOP. It’s good for character building, as all our study ought to be. God has truly blessed the consecrated sister to develop this course and I believe we have all received tremendous blessings from using this method.”

— RC of Arkansas

Share Your Testimony With Us

  • What were your child’s abilities before you started teaching him by the CRC?
  • What age was your child when you began?
  • What improvement has your child made?
  • What advantages has your child experienced form using the CRC?
  • What was your experience like in teaching by the CRC?
  • As a teacher, what benefit have you gained?
  • What have you appreciated most about the CRC?
  • What did you find most difficult about implementing the CRC?
  • Is English your second language?

A Program Like No Other
“Words cannot express my gratitude for this program–the Creation Reading Course. It is awesome! I believed in homeschooling my boys, but I needed help. I tried other programs, but they were not as successful as the Creation Reading Course.

I have three wonderful sons whom I love to see learning according to the Word of God. It was certainly a blessing to meet sister Sylvia who introduced me to her Bible-based reading course.

My twelve-year-old son had terrible handwriting and had difficulty focusing. He is left-handed and now has the most beautiful, clear handwriting I have ever seen! He is also doing much better at focusing.

My second son, now seven years of age, was not yet able to read. I found teaching him difficult because he lacked confidence to believe that he could learn. He is now writing cursive nicely and has become very self-motivated. He is presently so absorbed with his new-found reading ability that he reads everything he comes across.

My youngest son, age 5, is writing beautifully in cursive, recites the phonograms well, and is progressing in the early reading lessons.

All this has happened in the last four months with God’s blessing through using the Creation Reading Course. This program is a God-send to my family.

I highly recommend it to every mother and grandmother, wherever you may be. I guarantee that if you read the instructions and follow the program step by step, you will be very successful. I would like to see the Creation Reading Course in every Christian home. I approve this program.”

— CR of Idaho

Easy Learning
“I’m so glad I have taken this multi-sensory approach with my first school-age child as an educational tool. It is so broad and simple that the younger and older ones can learn together. It paves the way for easy learning. We have all been enjoying it and are blessed with the deep insight it has given us in all areas of life. Thank you for creating this course.”

— MN of Canada

An Educator’s View
“As a professional educator of almost 20 years, both public and private, I was honored to be asked to proofread the CRC course. I was highly impressed with the excellent organization and materials provided within it. I would recommend, and have recommended, this course for both young beginners and older students. It’s foundation on handwriting and phonograms is unlike any I have seen available to the public before.  I believe that anyone using this program, as designed by Sylvia Fischer, will benefit from it’s tenets.”

— Evelyn Gaylord, Idaho

Diligent Teaching
“Our five-year-old daughter is at lesson 8 of the first reader and our three-year-old daughter now knows all the alphabet phonograms orally. We have seen other programs and can’t express our thankfulness for what you have made available!”

— TC of California

Approaches to Beginning Reading Compared
“The CRC providentially came on our path and has been a tremendous blessing. We have been going through the course and a mandatory charter school Language Arts Curriculum simultaneously. This helped me compare the public schooling teachings with the CRC. I can confidently say that the CRC is the best way by far. The CRC teaches the basics first and builts from there. The schooling system Is completely different where words are first memorized instead of read. My 5-year-old daughter was able to read in three months and writes better in cursive than a 4th grader. The journey has been amazing! I am thankful, and especially mention sister Fischer’s wonderful work with gratitude! It works.”

— TC of California

Thoughts of a New Purchaser
“I am still reading the CRC Manual. It is very good and I surely wish it had been available before [my daughter] was born! But God is so good to work with us where we are. He continues to work all things together for good, when we are sold out to Him.”

— HC of Kansas

Balance and Variety
“Thank you so very much, Sylvia, for taking the time to share with me ways to improve the overall education of my precious children. You are an answer to prayer. I thank the Lord for crossing paths with you, even though we live very far from one another!

I have printed your answer in order to refer to it as it is filled with wisdom. Yes, I do see that BALANCE in using the “four books” [four sources of Christian education] will have to be my constant focus. May the Lord help me balance our days wisely. We have a schedule which we follow and the kids are expected to help me with all chores (washing dishes, sweeping, folding clothes, feeding animals, changing cat litter, making food, rinsing sprouts, gardening, canning, etc.).

My husband tells me I should spend more time outdoors with them. I must improve on this aspect. As the land we are on is not ours, we can’t make gardens, but we certainly can spend more time discovering nature to find the names of the various species of plants and animals. We thank God He found us a place to rent in the country and pray that He may soon show us a place of our own, if it is His will.

“As for French and English, I will have to teach both equally. We are a bilingual family and where we live is also bilingual. I will use the principles of your method and apply it to French as there are absolutely no Christian resources for French, unfortunately. I will have her continue to learn to write in cursive, as it is the best handwriting for beginners. Concerning my son, he is only learning the sounds of the letters, not their names. As for math, he loves to count orally whatever is around him. I like the idea of dividing a number of objects into 2 piles. I certainly will do that!

“When it comes to useful work, my daughter is working through your sewing sampler book, doing the various stitches. She is also knitting, crocheting, looming, and weaving. Even my son does a bit of looming and weaving. Making crafts, coloring, painting, gardening, woodworking, cooking, and house chores are all parts of our days.

There is always something to do! The kids love to help me make natural leaven [sourdough] bread. Today they made a good part of the supper and were so glad to share it with daddy. =)

“Thank you so much for the sewing book! I have some basic skills in knitting and sewing and I need to learn more of it so my daughter may learn the art of making her own clothing. Proper, modest clothing is so hard to find in stores. Thank you for mentioning to make sure to follow through with all that I start with her, and to expect her to do her very best, in order to grow perseverance, thereby growing a good character. Thank you also for the guidance on how to start her in English while I am studying the method.

“I believe your course is the closest to God’s ideal for our children. It ought to be shared and used! I have been sharing many of the principles from your method with French families I know. May your ministry continue to flourish and reach many more families!”

— AO of Canada

An Older Student
“I was born in 1943 in Anaconda, MT and grew up in Havre, MT. During my growing up years and through high school I was always behind in school with low grades in reading, writing, and arithmetic. I had very little encouragement and few opportunities to develop practical skills. My father was not much involved in my training and education.

After highschool I joined the U.S. Navy, but because of poor grades in scholastic areas I was unable to get into aviation, which was my dream. I really began to sense my deficiencies at that point and in discouragement fell into drugs, drinking, and was divorced, etc. The Veterans association helped me to overcome the addictions to a degree, but my low literacy skills continued to plague my new journey.

“I attempted college, but was so poor in many areas that I was tagged with a “learning disability in auditory perception.” There were teachers that helped me develop new strategies by which to learn through pictures, diagrams, and oral instructions. I managed to graduate from college. After that, my next 20 years were spent as a counselor for criminals. Then, around the age of 40, I first found Christ. I added the study of the Bible and SOP to my mental diet which improved my academics and gave me hope and joy in finding the path of life.

“About 20 years later I met the Fischer family and purchased the Creation Reading Course. It has especially helped me improve my handwriting. As a left-handed individual I had never been taught to write properly. I was so happy to see improvement in my own handwriting! It is helpful to have definite, precise instructions for handwriting as given in this course. I continue to enjoy reading, while my ability to write and compose has definitely improved. I began practicing handwriting by this approach when I was 74 years of age. I believe that it is never too late for anyone, who still has the desire, to improve!”

— CD of Montana

“All my life I dreamed of being a teacher and a nurse. In my formative years I remember standing in front of my hibiscus bush in Jamaica and pretending that the leaves were students and I was their teacher. Whatever I learned in school, VBS or Pathfinders would be taught extensively to my plant students. If a limb broke or got bruised somehow, I’d use a Band Aid or bandages and sticks to make splints for healing my student, who now was a patient needing a nurse. I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. For me, it was all about service by using what I had as a blessing to win others for Christ. “The Word of God clearly says, ‘But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.’ Luke 12:31. Believing this promise I was willing to meet the conditions of the promise–seeking God’s rule in my life.

“I took courses in the health field after completing college and majoring in African-American Studies and Childhood Education. I went through the system, but there was always a void that needed to be filled. Creation Reading Course did that for me! I had questions and concerns all through my courses of studies, (all my life as a matter of fact) that never got addressed or answered. Questions like,‘How would God want me to teach children? Why can’t lessons be more simple and to the point? Why do certain lessons seem redundant? Why can’t I be with the children outside more instead of being in a classroom all the time drilling on memorizing whole words? One main question was, Why do some parents hesitate to have their children do more manual work?’

“I prayed and asked the Father for help and that’s when my life changed for the better. I moved from NY for country living and here in Idaho met Sis Sylvia Fischer and her family. She encouraged me to read the CRC Teacher’s Manual which took me half a year to complete. I saw the principles presented in a practical manner for parents and teachers to implement. I found this approach to learning Christ-centered and in harmony with the Bible and SOP.

“I have seen a downfall with several parents, however. Based on advice from Raymond Moore and others, this counsel has been circulating for years: That parents should wait until their children are older, for example 8, 9, 10 or even 12 years old, to begin literary and mathematical studies. This inspired quote says differently: “When very young, children should be educated to read, to write, to understand figures, to keep their own accounts. They may go forward, advancing step by step in this knowledge. But before everything else, they should be taught that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. They should be educated line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little; but the one aim before the teacher should be to educate the children to know God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.” Counsels To Parents, Teachers, and Students, p. 168.

With this program parents don’t need to wait. Lessons and activities are prepared to meet the children wherever they are. It is especially to enable young children to learn how to learn. The students that I work with are testifying of their improvements in writing and reading. They are developing confidence because they better understand how our language works. At first, some of my students would become frustrated easily, but they are seeing that when they apply the rules to writing, spelling, and reading, it makes sense and it works.

“Creation Reading Course has changed my life for the better. I am personally interested in developing better reading skills. My reading aloud has improved tremendously. When I read I better understand how to decipher unfamiliar words. Many other improvements have been observed by my friends and family members.

“Lastly, those to whom I would recommend this program are anyone and everyone, most especially young couples who want to raise children to work for Christ. This is the perfect preparatory kit for new parents to prepare for teaching their children-to-be.

“I thank you, Sis Fischer and family, for producing this very practical approach to writing, reading, and comprehension. God bless your ministry.”

— Jhana Clarke, Teacher of the Creation Reading Course, WA