Creation Reading Course Readers – Set of 3


The colorful, soft, covers with clear, glossy 3D titles enclose beautiful stories in large print. The reading is attractively illustrated in black and white. The topic is Creation Week, based on Genesis chapter 1 and the first 3 verses of chapter 2. These are the beginning readers for the Creation Reading Course. Each reader story is followed by reading directly from the KJV Bible, as outlined in the Progress Check Lists. The valuable phonics and word study, with spelling, and handwriting are parts of each lesson, when following the Teacher’s Guide and Dialog Outlines.

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The three colorful readers in primary colors are shrink-wrapped. Their cheerful 6 x 9 inch covers show pictures of young children reading. The stories are in large print and the inside pages are illustrated in black and white. The beautiful, original artwork helps children comprehend the story and gives a spring-board for its discussion. Bible words are used exclusively for the stories, and the sentences are so arranged that memorizing Genesis 1 will not enable the student to so easily “read” by simply memorizing a few repetitive phrases.

The theme of all three readers is the first week of this earth’s history. After reading the story from the Reader, the student reads the same story directly from the KJV Bible. The first reader provides a synopsis for the teacher of how to teach this unique approach. (The Teachers’ Guides give more detailed instructions.) A small-sized music score of The Song of Creation in the First Reader, gives students an opportunity to follow notes and read syllabicated words. Progress Checklists guide teachers and students to keep all instruction and exercises in the correct sequence to ensure success. The same Progress and Memory Checklists, which may be easily copied, are found in the Special Instruction Sheets.

Too often, parents and teachers are in a hurry to help a child read immediately by sight recognition of whole words, before the needed tools as supplied that give understanding. This is unwise and has an adverse effect. No child is asked, pressed, nor expected, to read any word that he has not previously written and studied. When he cannot remember a word that he has been taught, the phonogram and spelling rule tools, that precede the lesson, are applied and enable him to decipher it on his own. Keep learning steps in order and it will be successful.

These readers are built on the first-mention of every Bible word in the passage. When correctly and sequentially followed, every willing student will learn to read. If you adapt and over-simplify the lessons to the popular sight-word method, we offer no guarantee of satisfactory results and students may become discouraged. At least he will miss learning the rules and principles that could be to him a life-long treasure and ready resource.

  • R-1 In The Beginning, First Reader, Red
    The first day of creation week is given in short, repetitive stories in large print. The 49 page, 6 x 9 inch book is illustrated inside profusely. Progress and Memory Sequence Checklists, Words to the Teacher, Summaries of the Words and Phonograms, and The Song of Creation, are included within its pages. The first reader has 8 lessons.
  • R-2 From Firmament to Seasons, Second Reader, Yellow
    This 6 x 9 inch Reader is illustrated in black and white inside, and includes days two through four of Creation Week. The vocabulary builds on that of the First and Second Reader. A Progress Checklist, a Summary List of the words, and the Phonograms used in this Reader, are included in its 51 pages. The second reader has 12 lessons.
  • R-3 Abundantly Blessed, Third Reader, Blue
    The Third Reader is 6 x 9 inches and teaches a larger vocabulary than the first two readers and builds on the First and Second Reader’s vocabularies. It includes the story of days-five-through-seven of Creation Week. A Progress Checklist, Word List, and Phonograms taught in the book are included in its 52 pages. The third reader has 17 lessons.


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