27 Spelling Rules – Enlarged and Illustrated


Printable PDF Download of the Enlarged, Illustrated Spelling Rules. Download and print your own colored spelling rule posters. It requires 37 pages of 8 ½ x 11 inch white cardstock to print them. Laminate for durability. When posted on the wall, students will read them often. Preparation time for the class is shortened.

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Download and print 37 pages of spelling rules in color on 8 ½ x 11 inch white cardstock. Laminate them for durability. When more than one sheet is required for a rule, trim it, fit the pages together neatly, and tape them with a clear packing tape so that they can be folded accordion-style. See the 27 Spelling Rules in the Special Instruction Sheets to guide you in putting the pages together correctly. Most posters are single sheets.

Mount the posters on the wall or fold them up and store them in a box. I have a narrow strip of thin metal screwed to the wall where I mount mine. Strong neodymium magnets are used to hold them in place. I fold and pack them in a box for traveling.

If you keep the illustrated rules in a box, bring out the applicable one for each word when you are ready to recite it. If they are posted on the wall, students will tend to read them more often. The 27 Spelling Rules on Yellow Card are in the Special Instruction Sheets. The enlarged, illustrated rules have small, colored pictures to illustrate them. The large print makes them easy to read.


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