DVD Music for The Song Of Creation, and the Phonograms


The Song Of Creation is sung by Melonie Robanske. Recorded on a DVD which includes a sound track for accompaniment and the Alphabet Phonograms.

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The Song Of Creation is sung, by Melonie Robanske, and recorded on the 5 x 5 inch DVD. A sound track of piano accompaniment is included with a recording of the Alphabet Phonogram pronunciations. Melonie’s mellow, yet energetic, singing of the majestic song is slow and distinct to so that students can easily hear the tune and words and sing along. After learning the words, the students are challenged to sing the words by memory, with the sound track. The piano sound track played is at moderate-tempo. Singing Scripture music is a part of the course to aid students in memorizing the chapter. It can also improve their reading and singing abilities.


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