Parents and Teachers Tell Their Experience Using the Creation Reading Course.

Teaching in My Second Language
"English is my second language and I have never taught it. As a new homeschool mother, it had been a concern for me to know how to teach my sons. One day I received a phone call from a godly sister and as we were talking she introduced me to this course. I ordered the set and read it a little. Honestly, I could not understand how it would work.

Some time passed and I started using it but I felt I was not doing it correctly. In desperation and frustration, I finally contacted the author directly. How thankful I am that I did! She coached me so lovingly and patiently, that I started seeing how to implement it.

"With much prayer and devotion I invested my time studying the course for myself. Then I taught my son and it started working amazingly! Although it was not ideal that I did not start out right, God was merciful and as we started building on these steps laid out in this course, my son started reading gradually. Then suddenly he was reading everything!! In a few short weeks, I would say, he was reading everything around him, and had no problem reading the Great Controversy which we were using in our family worship. I am also very grateful for the spiritual emphasis that's laid out all through the course from the KJV Bible and the SOP. It's good for character building as all our study ought to be. God has truly blessed the consecrated sister to develop this course and I believe we have all received tremendous blessings from using this method."

--RC. Mother in Arkansas.

A Program Like No Other
"Words cannot express my gratitude for this program--the Creation Reading Course. It is awesome! I believed in homeschooling my boys, but I needed help. I tried other programs but they were not as successful at the Creation Reading Course.

I have three wonderful sons whom I love to see learning according to the Word of God. It was certainly a blessing to meet sister Sylvia who introduced me to her Bible-based reading course.

1. My twelve-year-old son had terrible handwriting and had difficulty focusing.
2. My second son, now seven years of age, was not yet able to read. I found teaching him difficult because he lacked the confidence to believe that he could learn.

My older son, who is left-handed, now has the most beautiful, clear handwriting I have ever seen! He is also doing much better at focusing.
My second son is writing cursive nicely and has become very self-motivated. He is presently so absorbed with his new-found reading ability that he reads everything he comes across.
My youngest son, age 5, is writing beautifully in cursive, recites the phonograms well, and is progressing in the early reading lessons.

All this has happened in the last four months with God's blessing through using the Creation Reading Course. This program is a God-send to my family. I highly recommend it to every mother and grandmother, wherever you may be. I guarantee that if you read the instructions and follow the program step by step, you will be very successful. I would like to see the Creation Reading Course in every Christian home. I approve this program.

--CR of Idaho

Easy Learning
"I’m so glad I have taken this multi-sensory approach with my first school-aged child as an educational tool. It is so broad and simple that the younger and older ones can learn together. It paves the way for easy learning. We have all been enjoying it and are blessed with the deep insight it has given us in all areas of life. Thank you for creating this course." 

--MN of Canada