How this Program Works:
The Creation Reading Course As in building a house, a solid foundation for reading must be laid to have a solid literary structure. An early literary goal is reading but it ought to be preceded by the proper understanding of and writing of letters and spelling rules. Therefore it is very important that the foundation for reading be laid carefully and well. The multi-sensory approach to reading, as laid out in the Creation Reading Course, helps to lay that foundation solidly.

     Spoken and written words are made up of sounds called phonograms. The logical order in which to begin is:

     1.  To learn the phonograms/sounds that make up our language. --  Auditory sense

     2.  Connect those sounds to letters, lowercase letters first  -- the Visual sense

     3.  Write the letters according to the sound that the letter makes, not the name  --  Touch (Using all the five senses in as many ways as possible result in learning ease.)

     4.   Join the letters according to rules to spell words. This teaches how the sounds may be blended to represent audible or spoken words. True spelling rules are applied to each word.

Thus children and older adults learn through their senses why a word is written the way it is. When a concept makes good sense, it is remembered and the student can read the words.

The Bible is used as the textbook through which to teach reading. As the children learn to read, their minds are filled with principles of truth that they may think on through the day and apply. These principles are illustrated in the Bible stories.