A unique method that teaches every willing student how to write and read.

Individualize instruction and pace it to harmonize with each child's natural development, abilities, aptitudes, and desired destiny.

Best stories from the Best Book - The Holy Bible - The beautiful, majestic, and intriguing stories of earth's earliest history.

The Creation Reading Course
Teachers instruct by the multi-sensory method in step-by-step lessons. A child cannot adequately teach himself what he does not know without thorough instructions. You are preparing him for self-education.

The Creation Reading Course

The Creation Reading Course Kit contains
Cards, Teacher Guides, Readers, Special Instruction Sheets, Music - Score and CD.   Learn more...

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The Creation Reading Course"Sound It" is an educational game comprised of four variations for drilling on the alphabet phonogram sounds. It makes drilling on the sounds and other important concepts a social time for a family or class. Learn More...

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